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puzzles and brainteasers to entertain, challenge and train the mind

quotation mark 1A world without problems is an illusion, so is a world without solutions.quotation mark 2

~ G. Sarcone

 Why puzzles and brainteasers are important

 According to the poll of a representative sample of 1000 readers, conducted by an important magazine, only 13 percent of the readers answered "never" to the question "do you buy a newspaper just to do the puzzles?". That confirms that puzzles are important features in a publication and can be a valuable means to build up a loyal audience. 

 Puzzles I supply

 The success of my puzzles is due in large part to 4 important ingredients: a neat illustration, a short text, a pinch of humor, and an exhaustive solution accompanied, if needed, with a step-by-step explanation and a clear diagram.

 I don't just 'do' games, I offer (re)creative entertainment that sharpens the mind and the critical sense, and also a philosophy of life: a simple and concrete way to improve oneself and to see the world from a positive side, conserving self-irony and a fair critical detachment.

 My puzzles are perfect for magazines, reviews, newspapers, and of course books.

journalsI develop and supply:

• visual brainteasers,
• attention and memory tests,
• 'suspense' games for advertising,
• recreational mathematic games.
My work is in English, Italian and French.

 Some puzzle samples
Logical Reasoning
Thumbnail puzzle 1

enlarge Verbal and logic puzzles

enlarge Math puzzles

Visual Attention
Thumbnail puzzle 2

enlarge Hidden picture puzzles

enlarge Pattern matching puzzles

Visuospatial Reasoning
Thumbnail puzzle 3

enlarge Gear and belt puzzles

enlarge Knot puzzles

Dot Joining Games
Thumbnail puzzle 4

enlarge Path puzzles

enlarge Network puzzles

 You can see more puzzle projects I work on in my FaceBook gallery.
 To receive a catalog of my puzzles and features, please contact me specifying which kind of puzzles you would like.

 Special feature
 I also write compelling puzzle stories involving peculiar characters: elves, detectives, or mad scientists, dealing with enigmas and secrets that have to be solved or deciphered... Story 1 | Story 2
Enigmas from the Elves
 At the beginning of 2006, the Elf Leto started as a cartoon character involved in a number of impossible situations where, without the aid of supernatural powers, he cleverly solves any difficulties using just logic and intuition. The adventures of the Elf Leto were featured in the BrainTrainer magazine.
Leto 2
Leto 1

 News & Accolades

Press reviews
Find out what the press think about me and my work.

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press reviews

 Editorial services

Book writing
I write educational and illustrated books that enhance visual thinking skills and train the brain while having fun.

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Illusion drawing
I design and draw new optical illusions and perception puzzles that amaze, and teach the readers about how our brains work.

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optical illusions

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