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 Who I am (shortly)

 My name is Gianni A. Sarcone, I am an author, inventor and designer with more than twenty years of experience in the fields of visual creativity, recreational mathematics and educational games.

 My Goal

 For me, imagination, inventiveness and exploration are the cornerstones of a meaningful life. Each helps to stimulate our mind to assure us of a fulfilling day, every day.

 I am dedicated to make my writings, workshops and designs to be of an educational nature, both in an interactive and recreational aspect. My work is to create content that fosters fun for minds of all ages.

 As an artist and author, I feel it is my task, as well as my pleasure, to entertain an audience that challenges and brings to them a sense of wonder.

 I really hope that my creations prompt the curious to look beyond what seems obvious, to think and to see outside of the box. But most importantly, I wish your participation and social interaction in my work to be satisfying and entertaining.

 My Passion

 What interests me is:

1. To communicate ideas about the development and stimulation of thinking.
2. To study the common bias and misdirections that can mislead our cognitive processes.
3. To help detect and overcome those mental blocks that prevent many people from finding a solution to a problem, even though it is right under our nose.
4. To examine the links between imagination, creativity and logical reasoning.
5. To show how our visual system can be easily cheated according to certain simple rules and principles.

 I have found that optical illusions, logic puzzles and brainteasers combine all those fields of interest amazingly well!

 My social activities

IPP logo I was member of the I.P.P. (International Puzzle Party) for which I designed the institutional logo (see picture opposite). Since 2010, I host and organize in Genoa the “G4G Celebration of Mind” event.

 I am member of my local magic club called “Lanterna Magica” and an active friend of the Orto Botanico Università di Genova, a botanical park operated by the University of Genoa.

 I love martial arts. I practice Taekwondo and Jujitsu and I train hard in the following schools: Scuola Taekwondo Genova and Dojo Daito Ryu.

 For more information about my activities, please, get in touch with me.

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 Editorial services

Puzzle designing
I create 'fresh' visual brainteasers having a medium level in terms of difficulty, but high in terms of instructiveness and fun.

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Illusion drawing
I design and draw new optical illusions and perception puzzles that amaze, and teach the readers about how our brains work.

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Book writing
I write educational and illustrated books that enhance visual thinking skills and train the brain while having fun.

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Gianni A. Sarcone
Via Sivori 2A
16136 Genoa

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